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    Part No. Description/Model Core in Stock? Click below for picture Reman in Stock?
    219-24 20-25SS. 20 to 30HP airend (old style Joy airend). Yes picture Yes
    219-25 30SS. 30HP airend (old style). Yes   Yes
    A219-31 A20-25-30SS. 20-60SSE. 20-60HP airend. Yes picture No
    A219-79 A20-25-30SS. 20-60SSE. 20-25-30SST.20-60HP airend. Yes picture Yes
    A219-177 W20-W30SSB. W20-W30SST. 20 to 30HP airend. 127mm. Yes picture No
    A219-107 20-30SS-II. W20-30SS. 20 to 30HP airend Yes picture No
    A219-134 W15-30SS10. 20-30SS (new style). 15 to 30HP airend Yes picture Yes
    3A219-198 CL15-20-25-30CUB. 15-30HP airend. Yes picture No
    1A219-234 CL30-40-50CUB. CL30SS-12, CL40SS, CL50SS. 30-50HP airend. Belt Drive. Yes picture No
    A219-17 40SS. A75SS. 40-75HP airend. No   No
    A219-18 50-75SS. A50SS. 50-75HP airend. Yes   No
    A219-44 B40SS, B75SS. 40 & 75HP airend. Yes   No
    A219-45 B50SS. B100SS. 50 & 100HP airend. No picture No
    A219-101-X E40 & E50SS. W40-W75SS. 40-75HP airend. Yes   Yes
    A219-194 W40-W50SS. 40-50HP airend. No   No
    A219-180 W40-W50SS. 40-50HP airend. Yes picture Yes
    A219-155 W50-W75SS. 50-75HP airend. Yes picture No
    4A219-85-X WE75SS. 75HP airend. Yes   Yes
    4A219-84-X WE100SS. 100HP airend. Yes   No
    5A219-85-X WE75SS. 75HP airend. Yes   Yes
    5A219-84-X WE100SS. 100HP airend. Yes   Yes
    A219-147 WE75-WE100SS-II. 75-100HP airend. 175mm. Yes   Yes
    A219-85-X D330SS. D365SS. 330-365 cfm airend. No   No
    A219-84-X D450SS. D490SS. 450-490 cfm airend. Yes picture Yes
    A219-82-X D750SS. D900SS. D1000SS. 750-900 cfm airend. No picture No
    A219-83-X D625SS. Yes   No
    A219-132-X WE125SS. WE150SS. 125-150HP airend. Yes   Yes
    A219-152-X WE125SS-IIB. WE150SS-IIB. 125-150HP airend. Yes picture Yes
    A219-148-X WE125SS-II. WE150SS-II. WE200SS-II. 125-200HP airend. 245mm Yes picture Yes
    A219-238-X WE125-WE200SS, 245mm airend. No picture No
    A219-195-X WE125SS-II. WE150SS-II. WE200SS-II. 125-200HP airend. 245mm No   No
    A219-131-X WE200SS. WE250SS. WE300SS. 200-300HP airend. 245mm Yes picture No
    A219-19 100SS. 100HP airend. Yes   No
    A219-20 125SS. 150SS. 125-150HP airend. Yes picture No
    A219-21 200SS. 200HP airend. No   No
    A219-22 250SS. 300SS. 250-300HP airend. Yes   No
    A219-92 Q125, 127mm, portable airend No picture No
    2A219-178 Q175 & Q185, 127mm, portable airend Yes picture No
    A219-210 W2E350SS, 2 stage airend No picture No

    Airend inventory changes frequently. Please call 1-800-257-3623 for current stock status and pricing.